Tech Specs

  • Product Size:90.3*90.3*110.0mm
  • Product Weight:145g±5g
  • Materials:PC/ABS (flame retardancy)
  • USB input:DC5V 2A, DC9V 2A
  • Output:5W/7.5W/10W(max)
  • Charging frequency:110kHz-205kHz
  • Charging distance:4mm-6mm
  • Static power:<0.2W
  • Working temperature:0 to 40°C
  • Interface:Type-C
  • Applicable models:Any Qi-Enabled Phones, Such as iPhone,Samsung , Google, LG and so on.


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Frequent Questions

  • Does this come with a warranty and if so what does it cover?

    The box insert did not detail what is covered by the warranty but you can contact the seller about it.

  • Did not allow calls to go in/out while charging with iPhone X

    I can send message with my phone charging

  • will this charge my galaxy s9 in a otter defender case?

    i believe so. It can charge my iPhone X in a hard Arduro case.

  • What cable does the pad take? My guess is mini b 2.0 wish to confirm

    The charging pad comes with a necessary USB cable.

  • Can I use it in my car?

    I don't know if it can work in car, never do this.

  • Will this mess up the iPhone X battery life?

    nope, mine work with my iphone 8 with no problem

  • Can you plug in headset when charging?

    Sure, You can put the phone on charging pad horizontally to charge.

  • it supposed to be overheated?

    no, this one with overheated protection, would stop charging if overheated.

  • Will this charge my LG V30?


  • do you need to remove the iPhone x case prior to charging?

    Depends on the case. I’ve used two different cases that has a smooth back on my iPhone X and they both worked. A case with a finger ring on the back did not charge.

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