Most people have a question“Why We Need a Wireless Charger?”Yootech have launched many kinds wireless charger, let’s figure out why we need them and how to pick up a wireless charger:

1.Single Coil Charging Pad

This is the most convenience and perfect charger for the cord-weary device users and allows you to charge your phone by simply placing it down on a wireless charger without plugging and unplugging. 


2.Dual Coils Charging Stand

How could you watch the video without power? It always make you tired to hold the phone with cables.

With this wireless charging stand, its dual coils let you watch videos in landscape orientation, or stand in portrait mode for web browsing and facial recognition—all while keeping the power flowing.


3.Multi-Coils Wireless Charger

Built-in 2*2*1 coils provide a larger charging area for 2 phones, no bother to find the “Sweet Spot” any more, boost charging efficiency. It would be a wiser choice if you want to share this with your family members or or plan to have a second wireless charger for mobile phone.


4.Multi- Function Wireless Charger 


When you have an apple watch, airpods and Qi enabled phone, this wireless charger station will help you keep a have a clean & uncluttered desktop and support to charge them simultaneously. You can pop your all the devices, and know it will be good to go