Will your phone easily slip with this charger?

not at all. My phone is stable on it.

when i set my iphone on it i had 58% battery. this morning it is at 14%.

may be defective

Does the phone ring holder interfere with charging?

yes, I read that no metal objects attached on the back of the phone

When does it stop charging? the led light never get blue or red, but it does charge

not sure, maybe when it is fully charged

Does it glow when charging?

No, the led light will be off

Can this charger be used in any country?Is it universal?

The charger is powered by USB. So you would need some kind of USB port that works with that country's power system to use it.

Can i charge an iphone x and apple watch series 2 simultaneously?

it can't work with apple watch series 2

So is 5w or 10w for my note 8?


Why is the charger not working? the blue light blinks on/off but doesn't charge my iphone x. i'm not using a case and have tried adapters/cords.

no idea about it.

Its charging my Samsung smartphone but not charging my iPhone......why is it so

your iPhone must be iPhone 8 or higher.