Will this charge my LG V30?


Will my phone slide off it?

The surface of it isn’t slick and it’s completely flat. My iPhone 8 sits on it perfectly level and securely.

how fast does it charge

I have never actually timed it, but it’s fairly quick

my Phone and the charger get warm when charging, is it normal?

Nothing to worry about if not so hot.

Will this fast charge the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus with the original wall plug my s9 came with?

I use it with the original wall plug came with my note 8 and it works great

What cable does the pad take? My guess is mini b 2.0 wish to confirm

The charging pad comes with a necessary USB cable.

Works great with my husband's galaxy s7. does not work with my s8+. what could be the issue?

I have a S8 in it works really well with that phone.

Does it stop charging once the phone is fully charged?

It seems to,  I usually use it at night.

Can I use it in my car?

I don't know if it can work in car, never do this.

how long does it take to charge an iPhone 8

it takes about 2 hours for my iPhone X from 23% to 100%