Don't know if mine is damaged or what, the green LED on my charger will randomly come on throughout the night and light up the room. The charger works great but it keeps waking me up.

I’m not sure what's the problem for mine doesn't have that problem.

The power doesn't stay on, what's wrong?

I don't know, you can try a different USB wire

I bought this and my samsung fast charger plug has issue with it wont charge when you put phone on it lightly you need to press it againts the coil?

Mine doesn't have such problem, maybe your phone case is too thick.

Will this work with a samsung j7?

Should but not sure. It’s a great charger.

Does this come with a warranty and if so what does it cover?

The box insert did not detail what is covered by the warranty but you can contact the seller about it.

do you need to remove the iPhone x case prior to charging?

Depends on the case. I’ve used two different cases that has a smooth back on my iPhone X and they both worked. A case with a finger ring on the back did not charge.

Does this fast charge the iPhone 8 Plus?

No, it does not. It will wirelessly charge the iPhone 8 Plus but iPhones are not compatible with fast wireless charging.

Can i connect this to the usb port in my car and charge my cell phone? or does it have to be on a wall?

Yeah you can. But it will be extremely slowly I think.

Will this charge a ipod touch 5th gen?

No it will not.

do i need to buy a different cable also to enable the fast charging feature or just the fast wall charger?

just a wall charger is ok