Things to do before you start:

  • Install screen protector before bedtime to allow for drying overnight
  • Turn off device and remove battery only if possible
  • Use microfiber cloth to clean your screen
  • Wash your hands with soap and dry
  • Install in clean, dust-free environment

    STEP 1: Turn off device.


    STEP 2:  Use alcohol prep pad to clean the screen.


    STEP 3 : Dry the screen with microfiber cloth.


    STEP 4:  Use dust removal sticker to remove dust particles on the screen.


    STEP 5:  Be sure the Yootech Screen Protector matches your screen.


    STEP 6:  Shake the spray bottle solution and spray your fingertips with the solution.


    STEP 7:  Use your moistened fingertips to peel the Yootech Screen Protector, ensuring it does not stick together.


    STEP 8:  Evenly spray onto the sticky adhesive side of the Yootech Screen Protector until there are no dry spots left.


    STEP 9:  Position the adhesive side face down on your screen. Slide it around to match all cutouts and edges.


    STEP 10:  Wrap the card with microfiber cloth. Use your fingertips to hold down one side of the Yootech Screen Protector, and gently slide the card across the screen in an outward motion. It's the same with the other side of the Yootech Screen Protector.


    STEP 11:  Use microfiber cloth to clean the Yootech Screen Protector.


    STEP 12:  Do not worry if you made a mistake, or the Yootech Screen Protector dose not match all cutouts or edges. Just simply peel it off and readjust.


    STEP 13:  If you're having difficulty adhering a coner or curved area. Don't worry. Just wait for 2-3 minutes, and gently press along with microfiber cloth to make sure the shield sticks on well.


    STEP 14:  Dry your phone with microfiber cloth.


    STEP 15:  It's normal if you find some moisture or bubble left over on the screen. Don't worry. Set it for 12 hours and they will disappear.



    If there are some bubbles, please worry free. Bubbles will automatically fade away and go extinct within 6 to 24 hours.

    *(Notice: do not hurt these naughty bubbles with Squeegee,because it may ruin all your efforts )