Nexus 6P Screen protector[CutOut for Proximity Sensor],Yoozon Nexus 6P Tempered Glass Screen Protector

0.3mm 9H Hardness Featuring Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, Bubble Free

$. 7.95

丨Made from the Highest Quality Tempered-Glass with 9H Super Tough protects From scratches to high impact drops.

丨99.99% HD Clarity and Maintains the Original Touch Experience.

丨9H Strong Hardness Anti Scratch: three times stronger than a regular screen protector film.

丨Protect Your Screen from Scratches and Drops

丨Specifically designed For Nexus 6P

Yoozon® Premium 9H Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for Nexus 6P 2015 Newest 

Scratch Terminator 
Bothered by the scratches across the phone screen (which is even with a screen protector)? Frowned at the tacky glide experience of the PET film screen protector? Tempered-glass screen protector offers a good solution. Owing to its industry-high, 9H hardness (harder than a knife's blade) and the glass base, say goodbye to the possibility of scratches and enjoy a better touch experience. 

Uncovered-Screen Experience 
High-response material maintains your screen's original sensitivity. With up to 95% transparency, let your screen's full viewing clarity shine through. Protect the screen better than a cover could, but with crystal clear visibility. 

Shatter Proof 
100% of glass base made in Japan, by undergoing specialized tempered-glass treatment, this screen protector is much more flexible and shatterproof. If the protector does break under extreme pressure, it won't break into small, sharp pieces, keeping your phone and yourself out of danger. Use your phone as you mean it. 

Lifetime Warranty 
At Yoozon ,we promise a lifetime warranty with our screen protector. No matter how long you've used it, we'll make a REPLACEMENT OR REFUND immediately if: 

- The screen protector does not match your screen size. 
- There are unremovable bubbles during the installation. 
- The screen protector suffer wear and tear during normal use (not including water damage or damage caused by abnormal use). 

How many glass screen protectors are included in this package?

  • ONE

What is this product made of? Is it glass? Is it plastic? The description is contradicting. Yootech, add $1 to the price and hire a proofreader.

  • Its glass. Its hard to tell by the feel, but mine does have a small chip in it. Decent product.

So according to the reviews it sounds like the screen protector does not go all the way out the edge of the phone? I use a case with mine so...

  • That's correct. And seeing how the nexus has a curve display at the ends, its better this way. I also have a case on mine.